• The Unit Designed with Innovative Technology.
  • SMD designed PCBs for Easy Replacement and Fast Support.
  • Microprocessor Based Down/Full Collective Calls with V3F Drive.
  • Suitable for 7 Segment, Scrolling and LCD optional displays.
  • Suitable for Manual, Auto and Semi Automatic Door Lifts.
  • Smooth Starting and Stopping Method.

Traction Machine

Traction Machine
  • Monoblack Housing of Graded Cast Iron.
  • High Starting Torque and Low Starting Current.
  • Hard Bronze Gear, Hardened Alloy Steel for Shafts.
  • Dynamically balanced Breake Drum, Fly Wheel and Rotor.
  • Good Efficiency and Low Power Factor.

V3F_Variable Voltage Variable Frequently unit:

  • Improved Performance by processing as close as possible tothe control of Motor.
  • Simple Installation and Field Friendly Programming.
  • Provides zero-speed brake stop, which will reduce wear on the Lift Machine and Brake.
  • underload and Overload detection.
  • Energy Saving upto 40%.
  • Adjustable acceleration, declaration and S curves for smooth and jerkless transition.

Buttons & Indicators

Buttons & Indicators
  • Stainless Steel Hairline Face Plate with Dark Black Plastic Case.
  • 7 Segment & Arrows, Scrolling Dot Matrix and LCD Displays.
  • Monochrome, Black and White, and color LCD Special Displays.
  • Full Color LCDs for COP.
  • Full / Half size Car Operating Panel


Manual MS Power Coated Auto MS Power Coated Auto MS PC BED
Manual SS BED Auto SS Gold ETCH Finish SS Round Glass


Telescopic Door Imperforated Door Swing Door
MS Auto Door SS Auto Door SS Gold ETCH Door


Ceiling Ceiling Ceiling
Ceiling Ceiling Ceiling

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